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Our recommendations for a healthy kitten

Care Of Your New Kitten

Congratulations! You’ve made the decision to get a new kitten, so before you bring her home, here are some tips for you to follow which will help your new kitten settle quickly into her new environment.

Items you will need:

  • A comfortable bed or soft blankets
  • Food and water bowls
  • A litter tray
  • Kitten food – wet or dry
  • Toys
  • Scratch post/climbing post
  • Cat basket/travel cage

If your new kitten is from a breeder ask if they can give you a little something with their mother’s scent of smell on. This will help the kitten settle in a little easier if he/she is used to being in a group.

Once you have the kitten in your home, she may go and hide for a few hours. Do not be alarmed by this as they will come out of hiding in their own good time. Everything will be unusual to them so they will be keen to investigate the house first before settling down. If you have a big home, it may be an idea restrict them to just a couple of rooms at first so that they can investigate a small area to begin with and so that they know where their litter tray is – you can then gradually open up the other rooms.

For the first few days while your kitten is settling in, it may be best to restrict the number of visitors until she becomes more settled. It is important to socialise your kitten so when you feel that she is ready, you can start to introduce her to friends and family.

Cats are naturally very clean animals so ensure that her litter tray is emptied daily and cleaned thoroughly each week. They are also very inquisitive and enjoy playing with a selection of toys. A scratch post will provide your cat with a place to sharpen their claws and prevent your furniture from being shredded!

Don’t forget that you must not let your kitten outside until she is fully vaccinated, so within the next few days arrange an appointment at the surgery for a health examination and to arrange vaccination, worming and flea control, diet, neutering and microchipping.

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